Services & Rates


Initial Acupuncture Treatment & Full Health Intake**                 90 minutes-  $110*

(Please note that full-time students and seniors 65yo+ will receive a $10 discount for Acupuncture services)

Follow-up Acupuncture visits**                                                      45-60 minutes:  $75*                                                                          (please ask about discounted package rates for follow-up acupuncture treatments)

Chinese Herbal Medicine Consult only                                        (45 minutes)  -  $50                                     (customized or patent herbal formulas: herbs not included in price)   

Cupping or Gua Sha only                                                               (about 20- 30 minutes)  -  $50


YES our clinic accepts Insurance!   Please Note:  not all insurance plans cover acupuncture services.

To learn if your insurance plan does cover acupuncture services, please email us at with the following information: 

Your full name, date of birth, insurance company name and ID number, as well as the customer service phone number on the back of the insurance card.  We will send the information to our billing service for verification and will have an answer regarding your coverage typically within 48 hours. 

Again, please email through this website or to the following email address:


Full-time STUDENTS (with ID) and Seniors 65yo+  receive $10 Discounts on Acupuncture Treatments !

Free 10 minute Phone Consultations are Available: (215) 430-3309




 -  Acupuncture  (may include various forms: Ear/Auricular, 5 Element, Electric Stimulation, Trigger Point, etc)

           -  5 Element Acupuncture:  This very effective system deals primarily with balancing emotional states   and is excellent for symptoms of Stress, Anxiety, Depression, Grief, PTSD, Addictions, OCD, etc.

           -  Trigger Point Acupuncture:  This system is excellent for physical traumas and chronic pain from sports injuries, bike or car accidents, muscle overuse/strain (as can be the case for musicians, dancers...)

          -  Auricular (Ear) Acupuncture:  This system is often used in conjunction with other Acupuncture systems but is also often used alone for smoking & other addictions, weight loss, PTSD/Traumas and stress.

Herbal Medicine:  Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine is an incredibly safe and effective system for bringing health and equilibrium back to the body.  In my practice, I use very High Quality Herbs that are usually taken as a tea or small pills.

 Gua Sha being used to relieve neck pain/tension

Gua Sha being used to relieve neck pain/tension

-   Tuina & Acupressure:  Yin & Traditional Tuina and Acupressure(massage).  I sometimes will perform brief Tuina & Acupressure in conjunction with Acupuncture or Cupping or GuaSha and not as a stand-alone treatment.  Traditional Tuina applies more 'active movement', whereas Yin Tuina appears to be more of a 'passive' form of Tuina and involves Holding certain parts of the body and making micro-adjustments.

Gua Sha:  Gua Sha is an ancient technique first used by the Chinese to relieve pain and remove toxins from the body.  Gua Sha involves moving an object across the surface of the skin in various locations.  In the case of pain, it relieves the body of stagnation (which is considered to be one of the primary sources of pain in TCM) and helps bring toxins to the surface, where they can escape the body.  People who receive acupuncture often enjoy it, saying that it feels like a massage.  One thing to note is that Gua Sha does usually cause the skin to appear very red for 1-3 days in the areas that it was applied.  However, it is usually a pleasurable experience and painless.  People in Asia also often use Gua Sha during the onset of a Cold or Flu to help the body release the illness before it sets in.

Cupping:   Cupping involves using glass or plastic cups to relieve stagnation and bring toxins to the surface of the body, much in the same way as Gua Sha.  Cupping is used for a variety of conditions, but it is most commonly used for back & neck pain.  Again, many people find cupping very pleasant and some even have said that they prefer it to massage. 

Moxibustion:  This modality is often used in conjunction with acupuncture when the patient's condition is worsened by internal or external cold.  Moxibustion involves using lighting the herb, Ai Ye (called Mugwort in English), so that this herb's healing properties- along with the heat from the slowly-burning Moxa stick- help aid the patient in various ways, depending on what condition he/she presents with.  This modality is very effective in conjunction with Acupuncture.

Nutrition & Lifestyle Recommendations:  As one of the 5 Branches of Oriental Medicine, proper Nutrition is considered VERY important.  If a patient's condition is being caused in part by nutrition, I will offer suggestions of dietary inclusions or substitutions that can be made in the diet to help the Whole System find balance.

Yoga Therapy:  As a Certified Yoga Teacher, I also enjoy offering patients guidance, when needed, to help them find better postural alignment and greater ease in their day-to-day lives.  If suffering from pain or discomfort, I will offer postural suggestions and demonstrate simple stretches or Tai Qi movements that patients can do at home to find relief.


* Indicates a 'Time of Service' rate

** Initial & Follow-up Acupuncture visits may include Cupping, Gua Sha, Moxibustion and/or Herbal/Nutritional/Supplement recommendations.  These are provided at no additional cost in the private treatment setting.






 The joy of Cupping!

The joy of Cupping!

 The Meridian Map of the Oriental Medical System

The Meridian Map of the Oriental Medical System